Students and other visitors can recycle their waste at one of the recycling stations positioned around the University. Employees can drop off their waste at the nearest recycling centre.


Remember to only leave waste that can be recycled. Never leave anything on the floor or in another container, as this makes it more difficult for those working with waste management.

When you need to dispose of bigger objects, such as old furniture, electronic devices, and refrigerators, you should request pick-up, which is a pay service, through Serviceportalen.

Also notify the Goods Department when you want to dropp off furniture at the marked spot outside the SU Shop.

Recycling centre locations:


The Arrhenius Laboratories, House A-C, floor 2

The Edvard Anderson Conservatory, outside

Frescati Hage, House 8 and 14

Frescati backe, Svante Arrhenius väg 21, ground floor.

The Manne Siegbahn Laboratory, between Frescativägen 24B and 26.

Geovetens hus, floor -1, culvert

Kräftriket, House 19

Socialhögskolan, Sveaplan 162

Södra huset, Hus D, plan 3


Recycling station locations :


Södra huset, floor 3 and 4, House A,B, C, D, E and F

The University Library, entrance floor.

Allhuset, lunch/microwave room

The Arrhenius Laboratory, floor 3, Housr  A,D, E and F

Geovetenskapens hus, House Y, floor 1, recreation room.