• Course code NSSUSD and NSSUSE


Course D

1. Ht -19 Schema NSSUSD (Eva Nobel). Starts 30 September.

Course E
1. Ht -19 Schema NSSUSE (Eva Nobel). Starts 2 October. 




We will read and discuss various scientific articles and articles from newspapers as well as fiction. The literature will be chosen and presented during the course.


Expected level at admission

Previous knowledge

Course C or D


Formal criteria

Criteria for participation in course D and E are:

  • employment at Stockholm University.
  • participation in and a pass grade from course C or D, or
  • sufficient results on the placement test to be placed in course D or E.


Placement test

A person who already has some knowledge of Swedish but has not previously participated in a course for employees can take a placement test. Please contact the student counsellor for more details (see orange contact box).



See Swedish language course for international employees at Stockholm University: Application