About the courses A, B, C, D

The four courses A, B, C and D teaches practical skills in Swedish as a foreign language and the participants will acquire a basic knowledge of Swedish grammar, vocabulary, phonemes and pronunciation. The writing of narrative and descriptive texts is also part of the course.


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The courses consists of approximately 40 contact hours distributed once a week during the semester. The study group will take 20 to 30 participants. Seminars will cover practical exercises in listening, reading and speaking, as well as writing functional texts used in every day working situations. The participants are expected to do assignments outside classes.


Course Period

The courses start in late September and in late February.



Due to a limited amount of places we accept students on a first come first serve basis. The application form will only be accepted when it has been signed by your supervisor/head of department.

  • Applicant: Please fill in the interactive form. N.B.:
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      b) Right click on the PDF link below, save it on your hard drive and open to fill it in.
    2. Fill in the form, save it and E-mail it to your supervisor.
  • Supervisor/Head of Department: Please fill in the form you have received from the employee, save, print, sign it and return it to us. The address you find on the form.

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