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Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis has been publishing publication series at Stockholm University since 1956 and currently publishes about 30 series comprising theses and other scientific works. The publication series are distributed by Stockholm University Library.

One of the series is for the Department of Scandinavian Languages: Stockholm Studies in Scandinavian Philology N.S. In the series we mainly publish publicly defended PhD dissertations on Scandinavian languages in Stockholm. We publish other texts as well (e.g. commemorative publications). PhD dissertations may also be published within other (non-Acta) series.



Mins: Meddelanden från Institutionen för nordiska språk (Messages from the Department of Scandinavian Languages) is a general and open forum for various studies and contributions. We publish articles (in Swedish) about runes, children's language, names, reading, writing, medieval texts, spoken language, etc. We publish licentiate theses in Mins.



TeFa: Text- och fackspråksforskning (Research on Text and Language for Special Purposes). TeFa discusses the fields of text linguistics, discourse analysis, stylistics and rhetoric, and is currently published by the Department of Scandinavian Languages att Uppsala University.

Contact for PhD students. Editor Acta and Mins series

Professor Cecilia Falk

Cecilia Falk.

Room: D 654
Tel: +46 8 16 23 92
Fax: +46 8 15 85 33
E-mail: cecilia.falk@su.se

Editing and printing (Acta and Mins series)

Information co-ordinator Pia Nordin

Pia Nordin. Foto: Privat

Room: D 698
Tel: +46 8 16 31 42
Fax: +46 8 15 85 33
E-mail: pia.nordin@su.se

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