Digital calendar

"Put a meeting in my calendar!" The literacy practice of the digital calendar in workplace

Like many digital tools, the shared, digital calendar has been created in order for people to organize their everyday lives, but it can also pose challenges. In a sub study from the project Professional Communication and Digital Media, employees at different workplaces share how they use – or try to avoid using – the workplace calendar.

Cover of the edited volume

Edited volume about work life communication

This book contains a research overview of sociolinguistic research on work life communication - with a focus on professionals - as well as three bachelor theses about everyday communication in three modern workplaces. The book is written in Swedish but covers both Swedish and international research. It is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students, and can also be read by anyone interested in matters concerning communication in modern organisations.

Cover of the journal 'Nio-Fem'

Fixed rules for free communication

Today, a lot of people work from home or while traveling, and fewer people have their own desks at the office. How does this affect communication? What are the differences between such workplaces and those where people still have their own desks? In this article, linguistic researchers from Stockholm University discuss current findings from different research projects on work life communication.

Doing it all at once. Complex work situations for executives

As a pilot for the research project, a group of bachelor students investigated managers’ workdays in different companies. On the basis of these pilot studies, the researchers formed a conference presentation and wrote this extended abstract referring to the students’ essays: Emma Eriksson (now Legaard), Angie Gravett, Emma Hanuliak, Julia Kennerberg and Julia Kozanecki.

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