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Important information about Tisus on May 5 due to the Coronavirus

We will follow the developments closely and will get back to you as soon as possible with more information, here on the website and to those notified about Tisus on 5 May. There will probably be a decision made at the end of next week (2–3 April) and therefore the last payment date is postponed until the decision is made.

The Department is locked and all visiting hours have been cancelled for the time being. See Find us.

The Tisus administrator answers questions via email and chat. Right now, many people are asking questions linked to the Coronavirus situation. Therefore, it may take some time before you get an answer, and we kindly ask you to be patient and wait for an answer before writing again about the same topic. Thank you.

(Updated 27 March 2020)

Tisus English: The site is under construction

The site is under construction and will be ready in the beginning of 2020.
Tisus in Swedish.

Tisus - Test in Swedish for university studies

Tisus is recognised by all the universities in Sweden as a statement of eligibility regarding Swedish language proficiency. It is an examination at the advanced level and designed according to needs expressed by students and university teachers.

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