The Scandinavian provincial laws offer unique opportunities to gain insight into Scandinavian society in the early Middle Ages (and probably also in the Viking period), and are all the more precious due to the scarcity of written documents from this timespan; indeed, the provincial laws are some of the oldest written sources we have.

The new editions will provide a foundation for international research into the early Scandinavian societies for which these laws are a key source, and will also allow comparison of early Scandinavian societies and laws with those of Britain and Ireland. NML is hence a project with enormous significance for future research of many kinds.

The project is led by professor Stefan Brink, Centre for Scandinavian Studies, University of Aberdeen, involving researchers and reference-group experts from Scotland, England, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. The international network associated with the project consists of a team of project leaders, a project coordinator, three national project-groups of researchers, translators and commentators on the laws (in Denmark, Norway and Sweden), and a reference group of international experts.


Project leader: Stefan Brink

Project  participants: Inger Larsson a.o.