Evenemang och media /Conferences and media

Författarna/the authors Address as Social Practice. Foto: Birgit Lang (Melbourne).

The volume Address as Social Practice – European Perspectives edited by Catrin Norrby and Camilla Wide was launched on the 16th of December 2015 at an informal get-together with colleagues from The University of Melbourne, Australia.

Contributors of the volume, from left: Maicol Formentelli (Pavia, Italy), Heinz L. Kretzenbacher, Catrin Norrby (Stockholm), Johan Hajek and Doris Schüpbach. Photo: Birgit Lang (Melbourne).

IVIP Conferences and presentations

A collaboration between Stockholm University, University of Helsinki, University of Turku and the Institute for Language and Folklore.

IVIP Media appearances

Media appearances by the members in the project IVIP.

Catrin Norrby. Foto: Pia Nordin

Professor och IVIP:s programledare

Catrin Norrby, Stockholms universitet

Jan Lindström. Foto: Matti Ahlgren

Professor och forskare inom IVIP

Jan Lindström, Helsingfors universitet

Camilla Wide

Professor och forskare inom IVIP

Camilla Wide, Åbo universitet

Jenny Nilsson

Docent och forskare inom IVIP

Jenny Nilsson, Institutet för språk och folkminnen i Göteborg

IVIP loggor samarbetspartner