Program ALTE 48 (38 Kb)

Lessons learnt about the use and misuse of the CEFR in teaching and assessment

Dr Brian North, Head of Academic Development for Eurocentres

A story to tell, a lesson to learn: the testing industry and validation

Professor Barry O'Sullivan, University of Roehampton

Training teachers in assessment: How and Why?

Dr Anthony Green, University of Bedfordshire

What is good (about) language assessment? 

Professor Gudrun Erickson, University of Gothenburg



Program ALTE 48 (38 Kb)

Language assessment in the multilingual workplace 

Dr Gunlög Sundberg, Stockholm University
Professor Tim McNamara, University of Melbourne

Informing teachers and learners about tests

Dr Anthony Green

Initial assessment of newly arrived pupils

Dr Judith Chrystal, Stockholm University

CEFR illustrative descriptors for mediation: aims, validation, possible application   

Dr Brian North

Stakeholders and validation: understanding how communication must drive our messages

Professor Barry O'Sullivan



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