Intonation curve, © Sara Myrberg
Pitch contour, © Sara Myrberg


We are happy to announce the following invited speakers:

  • Daniel Büring (Syntactic embedding and prosodic recursion)
  • Laura Downing & Maxwell Kadenge (Motivating Prosodic Stems in Shona)
  • Emily Elfner (The status of intermediate phrases in Connemara Irish)
  • Caroline Féry (Sentence prosody: Align or OT?)
  • Chris Golston (Prosodic Movement)
  • Fatima Hamlaoui & Kriszta Szendrői (A flexible approach to the syntax-phonology mapping of Intonation Phrases. Evidence from Bàsàa)
  • Sam Hellmuth (Prosodic boundary marking as disjunction~)
  • Shinichiro Ishihara  (On Match constraints)
  • Marina Vigario (What are prosodic constituents and recursive domains?)


Dinner and costs

On the evening of March 14, 2014 we will have dinner together at restaurant Kimchi (Luntmakargatan 95, 113 51 Stockholm). Unfortunately, we will need to ask you for 300 SEK for participation in the dinner.

Participation in the workshop is free.


Participation and registration

If you would like to join us, please register by sending an email no later than February 28 to:

Tomas Riad and Sara Myrberg