The Academic Writing Service is opening a new writing group on Monday mornings. This writing group will be facilitated by Daniel Yencken (Academic Writing Service) and Kathrin Kaufhold (Department of English).

The primary aim of the group is to provide a productive space for your academic writing in English. The group will also provide:

  • opportunities to discuss and develop our individual academic texts
  • tools and strategies for writing development
  • a friendly atmosphere and peer support

In addition, we envision the group to be a space for researching academic writing development across languages. You are welcome to participate in the group without participating in any research. Participating in research could include:

  • allowing the group interaction to be recorded
  • sharing some of the texts you are writing
  • discussing your writing in a research interview

In line with good research practice, you can withdraw your agreement to contribute in any of the ways listed above at any time.

To reserve a place in the group, please email us at

We look forward to seeing you there!