Photo: T. Fransson

Only few bird species from Western Europe migrate eastward to wintering areas in South Asia, and little is known about this migratory flyway. The common rosefinch has in the past century expanded its breeding range westward to include Western Europe and migrate along this flyway to wintering sites in South Asia. Researchers at Department of Zoology and the Swedish Museum of Natural History (Robert Stach, Cecilia Kullberg, Sven Jakobsson and Thord Fransson) published the first detailed study of the migratory route of common rosefinches, and have now also been part of a collaborative study between several European research groups investigating the understudied avian Indo-European flyway. By using theoretical modelling and empirical tracking of Common rosefinches from five breeding populations the study identifies main migratory barriers and corridors, showing a north-south loop migration partly predicted by environmental variables.

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