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Photo: Christer Wiklund

Educational Outreach

The Department of Zoology interacts with schools and educational organizations to help spread interest in science and research among young people and foster contact with potential future students. Researchers regularly visit schools, both inside and outside of Stockholm, to share their experiences. High school students also visit the Department of Zoology as part of placement programs and during Stockholm University Open Days.

Cooperation with Government, Companies and NGOs

The Department of Zoology engages in projects with a wide range of government authorities and organizations outside Stockholm University. These interactions contribute to an exchange of ideas and expertise in both directions. Our collaboration partners include county administrative boards and commercial companies, as well as zoological societies.

Public Outreach

Universities have a responsibility to communicate their research to the public. For us at the Department of Zoology, this communication takes many forms, from participating in public events and symposia to being present in social media. In addition, the Department of Zoology’s field research station, Tovetorp, has received hundreds of visitor groups over the last few decades. But the collaboration goes both ways, as our researchers also make use of data collected by the public in different citizen science projects.


Head of Department: Bengt Karlsson

Deputy Head of Department: Linda Laikre

Head of Division:
Ecology: Niklas Janz
Ethology: Niclas Kolm
Functional Morphology: Emily Baird
Population Genetics: Linda Laikre
Systematics: Ulf Jondelius