Master projects

Master Projects


You can do your degree project (Master’s thesis) in Zoology within one of the four Master’s programmes we participate in:

You choose subject and scope (15, 30, 45 or 60 credits) yourself, together with your supervisor. It is advisable to contact potential supervisors well in advance, so that you have time to decide on a suitable project. If you want to do an empirical project you should also take into account that many of our projects are seasonally constrained; for example, some projects can only be done during the summer.

Here you can find some suggestions for projects. However, almost all researchers are interested in master students, and you can find additional potential supervisors on our research pages.

Master Rike

Master project in Population Genetics

Master project Niklas J

Master project in Ecology

Chris master2

Master project in Population Genetics

Micke master

Master project in Functional Morphology


All undergraduate courses in biology are organized and managed by Department of Biology Education, BIG. You find more information about courses and programmes on BIGs homepage.

Directors of studies at Department of Zoology:
Ecology: Niklas Janz
Ethology: Niclas Kolm
Faunistics: Cecilia Kullberg
Functional Morphology: Mikael Carlsson
Population Genetics: Linda Laikre

Director of studies for postgraduate studies: Carl Gotthard

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