Conservation Ecology

As a consequence of changes in the surrounding ecosystem, many species and populations are declining in distribution and abundance. We study ecological and evolutionary processes to acquire a general understanding about the factors underlying and influencing the conservation status of species and populations.




Population & Community Ecology

The population concept is central in ecology with demographic processes that affects both the dynamics of population, the conservation status and evolutionary processes. The populations will also interact with several other populations forming ecological communities or ecosystems. We study different perspectives of population ecology from individual levels to complex ecological communities. These studies can be applied to conservation values or be of principal scientific interest in basic ecological theory.



Ecological Consequences of Climate Variation

Climate is an important structuring force for the ecology of virtually all organisms and an essential source of natural selection. Therefore, variation in climate influences both ecological interactions and evolutionary trajectories of organisms. We use field observations, experiments and comparative methods to investigate how climate influences ecological and evolutionary processes in natural populations in both short and long-time perspectives.




Life History Adaptations

The evolution of life-histories is characterized by trade-offs derived by ubiquitous constraints in the energetic allocation between traits. Here we study how life-history evolution is shaped by the ecological setting of the organisms.





Local Adaptation

We study how populations adapt to local conditions, which allows us to investigate general microevolutionary processes that are ultimate causes for much of the amazing biodiversity present all around us. These studies are important for explaining variation in present ecological patterns and for predicting potential consequences changes of natural habitats and of distributions of species.




Climate Change and Behaviour

The Earth’s climate is changing at a rapid pace. Our research investigates how climate change impacts animal behaviours.






Species Interactions

Studying the interactions among different species is a cornerstone of ecological research. We strive to further our understanding of the ecological outcomes of such interactions as well as their evolutionary consequences in terms of adaptations.