Photo: John Fitzpatric


The Department of Zoology at Stockholm University offers a stimulating environment to study animal biology– from genomes to ecosystems, neurons to behaviour and evolution to conservation biology.  The Department consists of a dynamic group of scientists working in well-equipped research labs in Stockholm and at the Tovetorp Research Station. We are always interested in having motivated students who are interested in animals join our Department.


All undergraduate courses in zoology are organized and managed by Department of Biology Education (BIG). On the BIG website, you can find information about the programs structure and entry requirements and on how to apply to programs.

The Bachelor Programs at the Stockholm University offer a diverse range of courses that span the whole of zoology. Through these courses, you will gain a detailed understanding of animal evolution, behavior, physiology, genetics, ecology and more. Students also have the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice at our research station. You can find more details about Bachelor Programs on our Education webpage.

Masters Students

The Master's program provides broad and deep insights into several topics in zoology. Master’s projects can include both course work and practical research projects. You can find more details about the Ethology Master’s programme on our Education webpage.

PhD Students

Our research focuses on a range of topics and model systems. We are always interested in meeting enthusiastic students who share our research interests. If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in the Department of Zoology please apply for advertised PhD position when they are available. However, a good first step is to get in touch with a specific scientist who shares your research interests to discuss potential upcoming PhD position. The earlier you get in touch, the better.

Postdoctoral level

There are numerous funding options available if you are interested in pursuing a postdoctoral research position in the Department of Zoology. Postdoctoral positions that are funded by external research grants are advertised by the Department when they are available (see here). Postdoctoral fellowships are also available to qualified candidates from a range of sources, which are detailed in the Funding link below. In all cases, it is best to discuss these fellowship options, including questions about your eligibility or competiveness, with the relevant researcher who shares your research interests long before you consider applying.


Division Leader: Niclas Kolm

Director of Studies: Hans Temrin

Subject Representative: Niclas Kolm