There will be four examinations, each 2.5 credits. For the first 7.5 credits, we use the book “Animal Physiology” by Hill, Wise and Anderson (4th ed). For the remaining 2.5 credits a part of the book “Neurosciences-from molecule to behavior” (eds Galizia and Lledo) will be used.

Part 1. Book Animal Physiology, chapters 1-12: metabolism, heat regulation. 301 pages.

Part 2. Book Animal Physiology, chapters 13-18: integrating systems: nervous systems, sensory systems, endocrine systems, reproduction. 210 pages.

Part 3. Book Animal Physiology, chapters 19-30: muscle movements, respiration, excretion. 315 pages.

Part 4. Book Neuroscience – from molecule to behavior (Galizia and Lledo), chapters 6-20: cellular and molecular basis of neural function, sensory systems. 362 pages.


We will orally examine the students after each of the four parts and the respective supervisor will be responsible for the examination. The first two parts (5 credits) need to be examined before the licentiate dissertation.