Functional Morphology

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The Division of Functional morphology has a long tradition of research in neuroscience, endocrinology, reproductive biology, and also more recently insect sensory physiology and behavior, as well as genomics and evolution of life history traits of insects. At present the organisms under study are insects, especially Drosophila and butterflies, the water flea Daphnia and fish, for all of which rearing facilities are available. Access to state of the art imaging equipment, as well as genomics and bioinformatics resources are provided by affiliated core facilities. Researchers at the division actively collaborate with scientists at several of the other divisions in the Department in projects such as “Insect life cycle genomics and adaptations in the wild” and “Insect - host plant interactions”

Research Themes

Photo: Mikael A Carlsson
chemical search images
diapause mechanisms


Division Leader: Emily Baird

Director of Studies: Mikael Carlsson

Subject Representative: Heinrich Dircksen