Book list for the Population Genetics PhD literature course (10 hp in total).

All books are examined by a teacher in the Population Genetics division.
Contact the examiner to participate in the course no later than 8 weeks before (for example, if “April” is listed, contact the examiner to get registered for course no later than end of February).

  • 10 hp equals 6.5 weeks of full time studies
  • 5 hp of these must be completed before the licentiate
  • The book list will be updated annually by the teachers in Population Genetics

Before-licentiate book list (choose 2 of these books)
The supervisor decides on the number of credits and the format of examination (written exam, oral exam, and/or seminar presentations).

  1. Matthew Hahn, Molecular Population Genetics - 3.5 ECTS
  2. 20 chapters in Ayala and Avise: Essential Readings in Evolutionary Biology - 4 ECTS
  3. Allendorf, Luikart, Aitken: Conservation and the Genetics of Populations
    -22 chapters (incl. Appendices) – 5 ECTS
    -10 selected chapters – 2.5 ECTS
  4. Schluter: The Ecology of Adaptive Radiation - 3.5 ECTS
  5. Mitton, Selection in Natural Populations – 3 ECTS

After-licentiate book list (choose 1-2 of these or pick another book from the list above)
The remaining books to be read and examined are decided by the supervisor in discussion with the PhD students and their individual needs and interests. The supervisor decides on the number of credits and the format of examination (written exam, oral exam, and/or seminar presentations).

Rike Stelkens’ Lab

  • Dolph Schluter ”Ecology of Adaptive Radiation”
  • Michael Arnold ”Divergence with genetic exchange”
  • Andrew Hendry: “Eco-evolutionary Dynamics”
  • Lynch and Walsh ”Quantitative Genetics”
  • Oxford Series (John Archibald) ” Genomics: A Very Short Introduction”
  • Cold Spring Harbour ”Microbial Evolution”
  • Allendorf et al ”Conservation and the Genetics of Populations”
  • Weiner "The beak of the finch”
  • Jonathan Losos: “Improbable Destinies”

Linda Laikre’s Lab

  • James F. Crow & Motoo Kimura: An Introduction to Population Genetic Theory
  • Crow Basic Concepts in Population, Quantitative, and Evolutionary Genetics
  • Philip W. Hedrick: Genetics of Populations
  • Daniel L. Hartl & Andrew G. Clark: Principles of Population Genetics
  • D.S. Falconer: Introduction to Quantitative Genetics
  • Nils Ryman & Fred Utter (eds) Population Genetics & Fishery Management

Chris Wheat’s Lab

  • Judith Hooper, “Of Moths and Men: An Evolutionary Tale: The Untold Story of Science and the Peppered Moth” coupled with 2 – 3 relevant primary articles
  • Evolution: Ridley, “Evolution (Oxford Readers) 2nd Edition”
  • Frederik Nijhout, “The Development and Evolution of Butterfly Wing Patterns”
  • Thomas Flatt and Andreas Heyland, “Mechanisms of life history evolution”
  • Michael Lynch, “The Origins of Genome Architecture”