The ever growing global relevance and complexity of "China" - as a political, cultural, linguistic, economic and social field/issue - has since long generated an urgent need for high-quality, innovative and diversified "China Studies" in higher education institutions. The particular circumstances of the Nordic countries with their however excellent and unique but nevertheless widely spread expertise, partly small-sized local resources and limited organizational networks are some of the challenges to be met.

The establishment of the Nordic Consortium of China Studies is a joint effort of four Nordic universities (Aarhus, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm) with the aim of addressing these challenges in a longtime perspective. The overall objectives of the Consortium are to enhance the qualitiy of the learning offer, to facilitate innovative education organisation at regional (Nordic) level and to pool a variety of joint activities in order to strenghten "Nordic China Studies" at an international level.

The Nordic Consortium for China Studies (NCCS): 

  • hosts the Nordic Network of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (NordNet of TCFL), an academic and educational organization for Chinese language teachers at higher education institutions in the Nordic region. The NordNet of TCFL serves as a cooperation and resource platform in order to exchange and partake teaching and research, it provides a base for common pedagogical improvement and individual career development by among other things, conducting open conferences, seminars and workshops etc.
  • monitors and coordinates the transnational two-year Nordic-Chinese Master program China Studies that is carried out in cooperation with Zhejiang University in Hangzhou awarding successful graduates with a double degree: a Nordic (Swedish/ Danish/ Norwegian) and Chinese degree.
  • promotes internationalization and strengthens network building by developing a common concept for establishing a joint Nordic Center for China Studies at Zhejiang University.