This enables a qualified and experienced senior investigator with recent publications in international peer-reviewed scientific journals to spend six to 12 months at the IARC. The awardee will work on a collaborative project in one of the agency’s priority research areas:

understanding cancer etiology, including infections, nutrition, lifestyle, environment, radiation, genetics;
developing strategies for cancer prevention, including primary prevention and screening;
elucidating the underlying mechanisms of carcinogenesis through studies of molecular and cell biology, molecular genetics, epigenetics and molecular pathology.

Applicants must belong to the staff of a university or a research institution and should provide written assurance of a post to return to on completion of the award.

Funding will include an annual remuneration of €48,000 pro-rata according to length of stay. The cost of travel for the awardee, and in certain circumstances for dependants, will be met, and health insurance will be covered.

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