These enable fellows to conduct interdisciplinary research related to cultural history. The following fellowships are available:

  • the Brian Hewson Crawford fellowship – a two-month fellowship for the study of any aspect of the classical tradition, open to European scholars other than of British nationality;
  • the Henri Frankfort fellowship – a two-month fellowship for the study of the intellectual and cultural history of the ancient Near East, with a particular reference to society, art, architecture, religion, philosophy and science, the relations between the cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Aegean, and their influence on later civilisations;
  • the Albin Salton fellowship -– this enables a career scholar to spend two months at the institute to pursue research into cultural contacts between Europe, the East, and the New World in the late medieval, Renaissance and early modern periods;
  • the Frances A Yates fellowships – a number of two-, three- and four-month fellowships for research into any aspect of cultural and intellectual history, with preference given to work on the medieval and Renaissance encyclopaedia of knowledge, in which candidates from the UK may only apply for the three- or four-month fellowships.

All fellowships are generally intended for early-career scholars. Candidates must have completed at least one year’s research on their doctoral dissertation at the time of application or, if postdoctoral, must normally have been awarded their doctorate within the preceding five years.

Fellowships are worth £2,800 each for two months, £4,000 for three months and £5,200 for four months.

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