Opponeringarna sker via Zoom, med ID: 638 4334 0901

09–10 Andreas Stenström ”The Representation of the #MeToo Movement in Japanese Mainstream Newspapers”
Handledare: Ewa Machotka
Examinator: Stina Jelbring
Opponent: Sara Ridemark

11–12 Yuki Johansson ”Jukugo-specific Kanji: An analysis of kanjifrom the jōyōkanjihyō”
Handledare: Gunnar Jinmei Linder
Examinator: Stina Jelbring
Opponent: Jenny Eriksson

13–14 Jenny Eriksson ”The Role of Rōmaji in Learning and Understanding Japanese: A Study of First Year Students’ Understanding of Written Japanese”
Handledare: Stina Jelbring
Examinator: Gunnar Jinmei Linder
Opponent: Yuki Johansson

15–16 Nils Alonso ”Manga  Scanlations:  How  Fan  Practices  Differ  from  Officially  Published Translations of Japanese Comics”
Handledare: Jaqueline Berndt
Examinator: Stina Jelbring
Opponent: Cezar Apreotese