About the centre

The center is generously supported by a grant from the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation of SEK 60 million with the objective of consolidating the PhD programme and the research environment within the fields of monetary policy and financial stability. The grant was obtained in an open call, involving a competitive process. The center was then formed in the spring of 2021.

CeMoF is governed by a director and a deputy director, a management team, and a board – please see below for details and contact information.

There are also a number of researchers and PhD students affiliated with the Center. Affiliates are expected to participate in CeMoF activities and in general add to the research environment at the Center. For more information on how to become an affiliate, please contact CeMoF Director Anna Seim: anna.seim@su.se

Sara Casella

Sara Casella 

Sara is a post doc (funded by CeMoF) who is spending the academic year 2023/2024 at the IIES. 

Sara's research interests are within macroeconomics, specifically, she studies how labor income, health, and disability risk impact households and families. She is also working on understanding the role of intangible capital and disclosure regulation in shaping firm financing decisions, and on novel ways to bring data to models.

See Sara's personal web


If you are interested in this specialization, you simply apply to the PhD program in Economics at Stockholm University.

Taking the money-finance track in short means following the regular program, with money-finance elements from year two and on. Students interested in financial stability and financial markets should also apply to the SBS PhD program in finance, which offers the same money-finance track.

Applications to either program do not have to include a statement of interest in this specialization – in fact, it is available to all students admitted – but we welcome it.

PhD program in Economics (ECON)

PhD program in Finance (SBS) 


To those of you who are interested in the background to CeMoF and the new track, let us convey some key ideas.

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