Internationalisation of higher education is a broad field encompassing both teaching and learning, curriculum matters, management and research on issues related to its development and delivery at university. Our network represents the entire university and arranges activities around regular meetings, seminars and sharing of professional experiences.

The focus of the network

The aim of the network is to offer collegial support across the university on a broad range of issues involving international education. We organise our activities by:

  • meeting at regular intervals throughout the academic year
  • identifying particular on campus issues needing attention
  • emerging a scholarly international community at the University that is grounded in knowledge based experiences
  • developing relevant outreach through scholarship and international career pathways across all professional levels

Spaces of contact

For the past few years, the Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CeUL) has offered professional development workshops addressing intercultural issues. The number of enrolled SU colleagues at these workshops has been ca. 25 each time, amounting to a few hundred participants in total over the years.  Discussion at these workshops have given rise to developing further contact through a formalised network.

Welcome to the network Community of International Scholars

We invite colleagues employed at Stockholm University involved in international education to join our community of international scholar-practitioners and look forward to learning more about our interests in international higher education. Please sign in through e-mail the coordinator: Meeri Hellstén.

About the network

The network was established during the Teaching Conference on February 8th, 2018 and consists of a community of international scholar-practitioners wishing to engage with issues of central interest to international higher education. The language of the network is English.