SAMTAL@SU is the Science and Mathematics Teaching and Learning seminar series organised in cooperation with the Department of Mathematics and Science Education and the Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching.

The seminars bring international discipline-based researchers in university science and mathematics education to Stockholm for a lunch presentation followed by the possibility for more informal discussions (samtal). If you are interested in having one of the SAMTAL@SU  seminars in your department please contact John Airey and we will be happy to arrange it!

Maria Parappilly

SAMTAL@SU: Race to improve student understanding of uncertainty — using lego in the physics lab

A novel method is proposed for how LEGO race cars can help students increase their understanding of uncertainty and motivate them in physics labs. The intervention was developed for students in an introductory physics topic with a high early drop-out rate. Lunch seminar on teaching and learning with guest Associate Professor Maria Parappilly from Flinders University in Australia.


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