Cancelled due to illness.

Welcome to a workshop on teaching and learning with Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CeUL).

The university today host a diverse group of students, but few equal opportunity plans relate the goals of inclusion to teaching and learning practices (Kalonaityté 2014).

How are we colored by norms in our everyday work- and how can we individually and collectively use our experiences to create a more inclusive learning environment? In this workshop we combine reflections on our own pedagogical practices with knowledge on anti-oppressive and dialogue-based pedagogy and how we can work to create trustful relations, democratic classroom practices and a norm-conscious approach to pedagogy. How can we create pedagogical frames and practices that make all students feel adressed, comfortable, respected and listened to, independent of their backgrund, identities and experiences? The workshop will give an introduction to using a norm-critical approach in practice, in order to be able to work systematically with change over time.

A norm-critical approach implies a reflexive analysis of present teaching practices, and the often invisible values and norms coloring them, to be able to challenge and change them. This covers everything from choosing curriculum and representations of authors and knowledge perspectives as well as which examples that are used in lectures. Norms also – often uncounsciusly influence how we interpret and relate to students, how we value their work and who is given attention and responded to in the seminar room. Using our own experiences as points of departure we look at what this implies in practice and how departments and individual teachers can work systematically to analyze their own values and practices.  

A central part of the workshop is how we as teachers can use these insights to create more democratic, norm-conscious and inclusive teaching and learning environments.

  • What is a norm-critical approach to teaching and learning and how can it be useful in creating inclusive pedgogical practices at the university?
  • How do students at the university experience the equal opportunity work at their departments? (Enquiry from Stockholm University Union)
  • Analyzing and reflecting around experiences from teaching in small groups
  • Re-building: how can we work systematically with creating inclusive and democratic learning environments? How can students be involved in this work?


Time Canelled due to illness. (January 30, 2018 at 13-16)
Venue/Find your way Department of Education. Frescativägen 54, level 5, room: 2519.
Language English
Workshop leader Janne Bromseth, PhD. Forskare och utbildare. Forskerkollektivet.
Reference litterature To be announced


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