Welcome to a workshop on teaching and learning with Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CeUL).

Target group: University teachers

About the workshop

Source criticism is a challenge in higher education as many students (often freshmen) do not pay sufficient attention to the diversity of sources, they want quick facts that they can reuse. By not being able to distinguish the quality of texts on the net, they clip and paste sentences that they collect in different documents. It is not possible to substitute academic learning with patch-writing strategies. At the same time, teachers cannot promote critical thinking without giving some examples and advices to students. As a matter of fact, it is necessary to have an attitude concerning the platforms of quick facts like Wikipedia or other encyclopaedias. Based on empirical results concerning students attitudes, the seminar will be an opportunity to work on different examples of quick facts to see the possible strategies to guide students in a scientific way.

Time 3 February 2020: kl. 13-16
Venue ALC-salen, Institutionen för språkdidaktik. Södra huset, Hus E. Plan 2, Rum nr E225.
Language English
Workshop leader Christophe Premat, Department of Romance Studies and Classics. Pedagogical ambassador, 2018, CeUL.


CeUL offers workshops for all teachers at Stockholm University on a variety of teaching and learning topics. They are designed to meet the needs of both seasoned professionals and newcomers. Each session offers the opportunity to discuss shared experiences and knowledge with colleagues.

The workshop has a continuation in the workshop Source criticism or plagiarism in higher education? Part 2 Case studies, the 11th of may 2020


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Source criticism or plagiarism in higher education? Part 1 Definitions of plagiarism