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The Field Gentian (Gentianella campestris)

A flagship species for the semi-natural grasslands of Sweden - the Field Gentian

Semi-natural grasslands have a very rich flora and fauna. The Field Gentian, the autumn wildflower, is their flagship species. Unfortunately, its numbers are decreasing. Sever droughts might be to blame.

Enjoying the barbecue

The Sustainability Barbecue at DEEP’s common garden

Sustainability is a concept weaving through all the research at DEEP. To further promote that and to highlight the research opportunities at the Common garden, our Environment group hosted an all-vegan barbecue.

Pauline SL

Scientists will drift on the Arctic ice for a year

The German icebreaker Polarstern has left Tromsö with a course on the Arctic for the largest Arctic expedition ever - professor Pauline Snoeijis Leijonmalm will map out the wildlife living on the ice.

Sarahi Garcia

Welcome to DEEP Sarahi Garcia, new assistant professor

A new assistant professor and SciLife Lab fellow has started at DEEP, Sarahi Garcia. Sarahi will work with microbial communities and interactions.


Help your class to explore the oak: hidden connections in a changing world

An oak is a living thing. But look closely, and you’ll see that it is also home to a whole community of smaller living things. Researchers from SLU and Stockholms University have worked together with a nature educator to create a short animated film and a booklet with exercises. We hope that you can use this material to take children on the journey of this amazing world within a world.

Gråsäl Foto: Olle Karlsson

Skinny cod and grey seal reveals troubling changes to food web in the Baltic Sea

A new study links the deteriorating health of gray seals and cod with changes in their food, bottom-living animals.

Tecophilaea cyanocrocus_Richard Wilford

Almost 600 plants have already gone extinct

Almost 600 plants have been wiped out from the planet in the last 250 year shows a new study. This is twice the number of birds, mammals and amphibians combined.

Mia Olvång 1

The International Day for Biological Diversity: Plants, People and the Planet

The theme for this year’s Biodiversity Day is “Our Biodiversity, Our Food, Our Health”. At DEEP, we are happy to contribute to sustaining biological diversity, aligning various aspects of our research to biodiversity and the planet.


#BalanceforBetter: Valuing the contributions to Women in our department

The theme for this year’s International Women's Day is #BalanceforBetter. As a department we're immensely proud of how we have strived to build a more gender-balanced and diverse environment.

Jan Kansanen

Increasing seal population will not harm largest fish stocks in the Balt

Seals feeding on fish does not decrease fish stocks of Baltic cod, herring and sprat the most – climate change, nutrient load and fisheries do, shows a new study from Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences (DEEP).

light trapping

Out in the woods catching moths at night

Álvaro is on a mission to find out the impact of global warming on oak leaf feeders, and its natural enemies (small wasps) close to Stockholm university.

Professor and PhD

Use your power to treat your colleagues well!

Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences (DEEP) organized a workshop aiming to prevent the misuse of power. Now they hope that other departments at SU will follow in their footsteps.

Aelys Humphreys

Don’t walk on the grass - do some science on it

In Iceland you need to be careful where you put your foot in the grass - the ground can get very hot! How grasses tolerate different temperatures fascinates Aelys Humphreys.

Lab work at DEEP

Welcome to DEEP Insights Department blog

We are now creating a blog to reach out to as many people as possible. If you want to know more about the department's latest research and what the life as a researcher looks like – follow our blog “DEEP Insights”.

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