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The Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences (DEEP) offers a wide range of courses on all levels, including Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD.

All undergraduate programs and courses in biology are organized and managed by BIG (department of Biology Education), but the teaching itself is conducted by teachers and researchers from the Biology Departments at Stockholm University.

On BIGs website you can find necessary information about course content, structure and entry requirements, and how to apply for courses or programs.


Meet Tim from Luxembourg – one of our master students


Tim Chambers from Luxembourg is one of many international students at Stockholm University. Tim is studying at the Master's Programme in Ecology and Biodiversity and especially interested in spiders. Hear his story in the film above or read about it here:

"It was never like a big romantic idea"


Master degree projects

We offer master degree projects in plant physiology, plant systematics, marine biology and ecology. Apply for the master degree projects by contacting the supervisor for the project!

Plant Physiology

Hantering av bakgrundshalter i lera (Swedish project looking for three master students for spring semester 2024)

Frankia irregularis, a professional helper strain?

Symbiotic diatoms: how do host and symbiont communicate?

Nodule-specific cysteine proteinase involved in senescence

Plant Systematics

Plant extinction in the Anthropocene

Evolution of cold and heat tolerances of grasses (Poaceae)

Master projects in Plant systematics


Marine Biology

Symbiotic diatoms: how do host and symbiont communicate?

Symbiotic diatoms: applying mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) to study in situ species interaction
Determining the diversity and impact of colonial forming Baltic Sea picocyanobacteria on the C cycle

Environmental, ecological and anthropogenic factors affecting distribution of benthic macrofauna in Baltic sediments


Microclimate and plant distributions under climate warming

Do you like spiders?

Wetlands: a source of biodiversity or just a mosquito heaven?

Insect and spider communities on marine shore-lines

Evolution of cold and heat tolerances of grasses (Poaceae)

Plant extinction in the Anthropocene


Bachelor degree projects

We occiasionally offer bachelor degree projects and in that case, they are listed below. Currently, now such projects are announced, but you are always welcome to contact our researchers if you are interested in a specific topic.

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Research studies

Discover more about how you become a researcher at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences (DEEP).



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