At the Department of Astronomy new instruments are being developed to be used on telescopes located at international observatories.

CRISP Fabry-Pérot etalons. Picture taken during installation of the CRisp Imaging SpectroPolarimeter in April 2008. Credit: Institute for Solar Physics.

The instrumentation effort is focused on the Swedish Solar Telescope.
For more information, see the institute's website.
Stockholm University's Institute of Solar Physics

The department is also involved in various projects for large telescope. Such as the upcoming extremely large telescope ESO's ELT and also in several space telescope missions, mainly large ESA / NASA missions, such as the infrared James Webb Space Telescope and the two exoplanet missions  Cheops and Plato.

The AlbaNova telescope
The AlbaNova telescope. Image: M.Näslund

The installation of a new telescope in AlbaNova University Center in 2007 has significantly improved the opportunities for local instrumentation and testing. The telescope is a reflector telescope with a 1-m main mirror, making it one of the largest optical telescopes in Sweden. It was funded by a grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

The department also has a small heliostat + telescope for solar observations: teaching and tests.

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