The department is run by the Head of Department, the Deputy Head of Department and a department board. The board is a link between the department and the Faculty of Social Science.

The Head of Department is responsible for all activities of the department, and is assisted by a management consisting of the Deputy Head of Department, the Head of Administration, the Deputy Head of Administration, and the Directors of Studies.


The Department Board is the highest decision making unit of the department. The Board is led by the Head of Department (Chairman) and the Deputy Head of Department (Vice-Chairman). The members represent both academic staff and administrativ staff. The Board also consists of student representatives from first and second cycle studies as well as PhD students.

Department Board members during the period of 2021 to 2023:

Established members:


  • Sten Nyberg, Chairman, Head of Department
  • Anna Seim, Deputy Head of Department
  • Karolina Ekholm, teacher
  • Johannes Haushofer, teacher
  • Paul Klein, teacher
  • Michael Lundholm, teacher
  • Mikael Priks, teacher
  • Roine Vestman, teacher
  • Cecilia von Mentzingen, administrative representative
  • VACANT, administrative representative
  • Jens Wikström, student representative, PhD-student
  • Lucas Piña, student representative
  • Leo Sokolow Romin, student representative

Deputy members:


  • Annika Alexius, teacher
  • Mahmood Arai, teacher
  • Rikard Forslid, teacher
  • Andreas Madestam, teacher
  • Jonas Vlachos, teacher
  • Audrone Mozuraitiene, administrative representative
  • VACANT, administrative representative
  • Ulrika Ahrsjö, student representative, PhD-student
  • VACANT, student representative
  • VACANT, student representative
  • Sten Nyberg, Head of Department
  • Anna Seim, Deputy Head of Department
  • Tor Svensson, Head of Administration
  • Anders Fogelberg, Deputy Head of Administration
  • Adam Jacobsson, Director of Studies, first and second level
  • Ann-Sofie Kolm, Director of Studies, graduate level

Here are the governing documents which are the foundation for the department's activities:

Stratgic plan 2019-2023 (264 Kb)

Crisis plan (2019) (535 Kb)

Actions to be taken upon the occurrence of sexual harassments and gender insults (261 Kb)

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