During your studies

Here you find usefull tools and information to get the most out of your studies. And remember: If you have any questions, just contact us, we can help.


To continue in your program you sometimes need to apply to courses to get a full semester and a complete 120 masters.

Follow our guidelines.

2'nd semester (year 1)

Cinema Studies

Fashion Studies

Journalism Studies

Global Media Studies

3'rd semester (year 2)

Cinema Studies

Fashion Studies

Journalism Studies

Global Media Studies

Contact student counsellor for questions or MA-students office via master@ims.su.se


Course information

In principle, you will find all the information you need for a course such as a schedule, course literature on the course page in the education catalog and / or on the course page in Athena.

Schedules can be found via TimeEdit. You can also find schedules, for example, via the course page in the education catalog or on the course page in Athena

Find out schedules via TimeEdit here Logged in with university account

Search for schedules via TimeEdit without being registered / logged in here

More information about schedules at Stockholm University

Course literature for the current semester and course can be found through various ways:

  • in your browser type >su.se/coursecatalogue/COURSE CODE<* 

*like FV1027

search for the course page in the education catalog 

course page in Athena if you are a registered student



Each course has exams "exam opportunities".

Usually the course - during the semester you study - has one ordinary examination opportunity and one or sometimes two re-examination opportunites. Courses that are given once a year may have examination opportunities the semester the course is not given.

Via the link below you will get to the collected exam date information for our topics.

Exam dates all subjects here

If you have previously studied with us:

We usually give "collected exams" once per semester, usually at the end of a semester. January, June / August. If you have questions or want to register for a colleced exam -

Contact the student office in your subject.



Here you will find administrative information for you as a student that is useful. Contact information for stuent counselling and student offices can be found under "contact" - at the bottom of the page.

During your studies, you may need to obtain a registration certificate or a certificate of your study results "grades" for instance.

At student.ladok.se you can get certificates and also monitor you study results and more.

The students office for your subject can also assist you in these matters.

Find out more about grades and how to get certificates

Early withdrawal from a course - 3 weeks from course start

If you are registered for a single course (not an entire programme), you can exercise what is called 'early withdrawal' during the first 3 weeks the course is offered. If you decide to withdraw from your studies early, it is possible to apply and be admitted to the same course again through www.universityadmissions.se. Early withdrawal is not possible if you have already completed any exams or assignments as part of the course.

You can either enter the early withdrawal in your student record in Student Ladok or contact the students office to register the early withdrawal manually. 

If you do not withdraw from a course within the first three weeks, you can only be re-registered for the course if there is space. 

Late withdrawal - after 3 weeks from course start

Same preceedure as above but you cannot apply again to the course - only re-register if there is room in the course.

Where to register Withdrawal:


Leave of Study

Generally applies to studying within a program. Contact Student Counsellor in your subject.

The Student Counselors are an important contact for you as a student. We can help you make an informed educational choice. You can turn to us with questions concerning, for example, disability, course structure, course content, study breaks, credit of previous studies, degrees and individual study plans. We can also be a contact link to other resources within the university.

More about Student Counselling here

Check out the information below for common matters / services you as a student may need:


Libraries, resources and IT systems

Athena is a web-based learning and collaboration platform for courses at Stockholm University.

Link to Athena

Get started with Athena

Zoom is available to anyone with a university account and if a course is run by distance learning you will use it. On Athena your teacher will give you more details.
Get started with the e-meeting service Zoom

On these pages you can find information about IT for students. Learn about digital tools and services, how to get access to wifi, IT support, computer rooms and a lot more.

To IT for students

Academic Writing Service

The Academic Writing Service provides English-language support for writing and study skills. We give talks and seminars and offer individual guidance. Our services are available free of charge to all students at Stockholm University.

To Academic Writing Service

Student counsellor

The student counsellor for your subject is the person you may come to if you have questions or find yourself in difficulties regarding your studying. Don't hesitate to contact them, they can help you discuss your situation, give you ideas how to improve your situation nd guide you to other help.

Stockholm University provides special pedagogical support to students with long-term disabilities. The goal is to give all students the opportunity to study under equal conditions.

The student counsellor for your subject at our department is your contact person.

It is important that you apply for support and contact the student counsellor as soon as you've been admitted to our courses so that we may help you from the start.

Find out more about how to apply and what support you can get.


Student health and support

Information related to your health and study environment. You can read about student health services, insurance and also find out what to do in case of an emergency.

Stockholm Student Health Services

Stockholm Student Health Services offers students at Stockholm University, and a number of associated colleges in Stockholm, support during their study time. Any health-related problem can be discussed. 


Students at Stockholm University are covered by different insurances depending on their student status. Make sure you know which category you belong to and pay attention to coverage and restrictions.

Study environment

The work and study environment are important issues at Stockholm University, not least for students. They cover places to study, modes of teaching, and even unwritten rules of behaviour, among many other issues.

To the page Student health



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