Forms of education Fall 2021 due to Covid-19

Due to Covid-19 and in accordance with Stockholm University's guidelines and decisions, Fall 2021 will look different from regular semesters.

First half of the semester

Due to the situation with covid-19, the department has decided to continue with online-based teaching with elements of campus-based elements until 31 October 2021 - ie the first half of the semester.
Note: In some cases, campus teaching occurs as the main teaching also during the period 30/8 to 31/10, this mainly applies to the Bachelor's program in Journalism.

Second half of the semester

The head of the Department of Media Studies has decided that the department's educational activities can be transferred to campus teaching for courses or modules given during the second half of the semester (from 1/11 2021 to 16/1 2022).

Detailed information via Athena

How this decision affects individual courses and modules is stated on the respective course page in Athena as soon as possible.

Changes can be made

Based on the recommendations of the responsible authorities or Stockholm University, the conditions may change and updates will be provided on the course pages in Athena.

IMS follows Stockholm University's decisions and recommendations on teaching.

Stockholm University Covid-information



If you have questions regarding the forms of education during Fall 2021 contact the  Director of Studies for the subject.

Director of Studies Media and Communication Studies
Director of Studies Cinema Studies
Director of Studies Fashion Studies
Director of Studies Journalism
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