We are currently working on setting up an internal webpage for MISU staff with information specifically for the department and its employees. Below are links to general information for employees and visitors to MISU.

The information will be updated during the development of the pages.


Last updated 11 January, 2022

It’s up to each staff member to keep updated on and follow current restrictions and guidelines issued nationally and locally. All current measures against Covid-19 taken on MISU is gathered on this page. Please note that restrictions and guidelines issued by central administration and government agencies aren’t repeated here.

Stay updated

Follow the restrictions and guidelines issued by the Public Health Agency, updated 10 January and valid from 12 January. In Swedish. On in English.

Follow guidelines and decision issued by SU. In English.

Always check for updates prior to travel, receiving guests, planning events etc.

Work from home

All who can should work from home.


Exceptions can be made if:

1.    You teach
Campus based teaching is preferred for pedagogical reasons. If possible, continue as scheduled to teach on campus. No need to inform management.

2.    You need instruments/lab/similar at MISU to conduct your work
Inform Sara Engström on how often you need to be at MISU.

3.    Your home environment isn’t functional as a work place
Discuss with Sara Engström if working campus based is possible.

Equipment and ergonomics

If you need to move equipment from the office to make a functional home office, do so. If you lack the means to move the equipment, order procured taxi through Agneta Malmberg.

Contact Sergej Karetnikov if you lack a functional internet connection or have a noisy home environment and need noise cancelling headphones.

Contact Sara Engström if you have other work-related or ergonomic problems in your home office.


If you need to send something work related over regular mail, please ask Agneta Malmberg for stamps. She can mail them, as well as envelopes, to your home address. This is cheaper than you buying your own and asking for reimbursement later.

Expense Reimbursement and wellness benefit

The home addresses to Susanne Ericson and Marianne Lagerklint are available in the newsletter from 18 January, 2022, together with info on what to send to whom.


When on campus

All who can should work from home. The following information concerns those who need to be on campus to conduct their tasks or have an agreement with head of administration regarding work on campus.

If possible, don’t use public transport, or travel during less crowded hours. Also feel free to take single use face masks from MISU for your travels to-from work. Single use face masks are available in the office material room, in the middle bottom cupboard to the right. Remember to also dispose of the face mask correctly.

Parking permits are available in C672, with these you get a lower parking fee. If you need to go to campus several days each week, contact Sara Engström to get your own parking permit.

Keep a safe distance to each other.

You are encouraged to use face masks when working together in smaller rooms, but it’s not mandatory.

Follow the general guidelines on hygiene, staying home when sick etc.


Campus-based teaching is preferred for pedagogical reasons. If possible, continue as scheduled to teach on campus. If needed, teach fully over Zoom or in hybrid mode. Inform students over Athena as soon as possible after deciding on changes in teaching mode. Sergej Karetnikov will be available for hybrid support in Rossby 30 minutes prior to scheduled classes in January-February.

All examinations are conducted on campus.

Students are allowed at MISU in between lectures/seminars etc, not before or after.

Students are encouraged to use single use face masks, provided by MISU, but it’s not mandatory.


Seminars can be held fully over Zoom or in hybrid mode in Rossby. The person holding the seminar decides form and is responsible for informing Agneta Malmberg prior to seminar invite.


Meetings should be held digitally over Zoom. If all participants are planning to be at MISU for another reason as well, teaching for example, they can have a meeting in person. One should however not go to MISU only to have one meeting.

Maximum number in rooms

Rossby: 20
Bjerknes: 10
Ekman: 10
Bolin: 8
Kuling: 9
Storm: 3
Pentry: 4

Getting (close to) Covid-19

If you or a person you’ve met recently test positive for Covid-19, follow the guidelines issued on In Swedish. In English. General information on Covid-19, the current situation in Stockholm etc is also available on these pages.

If you test positive for Covid-19, please also inform Sara Engström, as well as any colleagues you may have met the past seven days.

Follow the normal routine registering sick-leave and informing your PI/manager.

Tuesday fikas

Tuesday fikas and information from the head of department will be held over Zoom. A link is sent to all staff each Tuesday. The meeting starts 2:30 PM and is usually 30 minutes long. During 11 January-22 February a walking competition is held. All that participate in the meeting over cell phone with video, while walking, are part of the competition. A prize is in the pot for 1st-3rd place.


Travel must follow current restrictions and guidelines issued by national Government Agencies as well as SU.

If a PCR-test is mandatory for travel, even though you are fully vaccinated, book at Feelgood. Tests taken abroad will be reimbursed after registration in Primula.


You may invite guests to MISU, just make sure to follow all travel restrictions and inform the guest that they won’t be able to meet many people while at MISU.

If a fully vaccinated guest has to show a negative PCR-test prior to travel, MISU will cover the cost.

T/A support

The technical/administrative staff mostly works from home. Agneta Malmberg and Sergej Karetnikov will be on campus at least once a week each. Agneta will write when next on campus next to her rooms (C604c). Sergej will be available on campus prior to every scheduled daytime session in Rossby and can be asked to come to campus other times as well if needed. His mobile number is available next to his room (C658).


Go to to get information about vaccination. In Swedish. In English. PhD students that get vaccinated during office hours will get the time added to their net study time if they inform Sara Engström on how long it took (including travel).


Here is Information for MISU employees about:

  • Booking a room
  • Booking a seminar
  • Room available for rest
  • Travel information
  • Placing an order
  • Sorting waste (in Swedish)



You can find contact information for MISU staff listed under Contact.


Here is information about safety and work environment.


Handbook for visiting researchers and research students

The University has a digital handbook containing information and tips for visiting scientists and international graduate students. The handbook is primarily intended as an aid for newly-arrived international guest researchers and graduate students, who need help to orient themselves in Stockholm and Sweden. It contains tips and advice on everything from settling into a new city to apply for research funding.

Information for new employees

Get to know your workplace. Here you will find links to information about insurance, visa, schools for accompanying children, accomodation, and much more.

You and your workplace

Here, Stockholm University provides an overview of the terms of employment at Stockholm University, such as working hours, terms for vacation and parental leave, and much more.

Register your bank account

Here you can register you bank account for salary payments and similar. This link is also valid for temporary employments.


Feelgood is our provider of occupational health care services for University employees since 1 August 2015.

Read more about it on SU's webpage: Our occupational health care

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