The department employs around 150 people. The Head of Department is responsible for all activities of the department, with the support of the Deputy Head of Department and the Head of Administration.

The highest decision-making body at the department  is the Departmental Board, which consists of staff and students at the department. The Departmental Board decides on financial resources and budget, as well as on important guidelines regarding teaching and examination. The composition of the Departmental Board ensures the representation of researchers, technical / administrative staff and students.


The Board is chaired by the Head of Department and includes elected representatives of faculty, administrative staff, doctoral students, undergraduate and graduate students.

Department Board members

Georgia Destouni, Head of Department

Vice Chairman 
Qiong Zhang, Deputy Head of Department

Ordinary Members
Salim Belyazid
Moa Holmlund (representative of technical / administrative staff)
Per Holmlund
Regina Lindborg
Helle Skånes
Stefan Wastegård

Student Representatives
Josefin Axelsson (representative for postgraduate students)
Sofia Samulesson (representative for students)

Deputy Members
Gustaf Hugelius
Peter Jansson
Arjen Stroeven
Lars-Ove Westerberg
Ellen Berntell (representative for postgraduate students)
Madeleine Karpegård (representative of technical / administrative staff)



Head of Department
Deputy Head of Department
Head of Administration
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