The department is governed by a board chaired by the head of department. The head of department has the highest responsibility for the entire department's activities. Below you can read more about our board and management team. Further down the page you will find a link to all our committees and programme councils. Contact details for staff can be found under Contact.


Head of Department and Fysikum Board

Head of Department

Professor Jan Conrad

Deputy Head of Department

Professor Per-Erik Tegnér


During the autumn semester 2022, the Fysikum board will meet:

  • November 17 at 13:00
  • December 15 at 13:00

College Board

Minutes of the Board Meeting at the Department of Physics ((for internal use only and requires permissions)

  • Jan Conrad, Head of department, Chairman
  • Per-Erik Tegnér, Deputy head of department
  • Malin Hell, Head, Administrative Division
  • Patrik Löfgren, Head, Technical Division
  • Michael Odelius, director of studies for postgraduate education
  • Fredrik Hellberg, Director of Studies, Basic Education
  • Christophe Clement, Assistant Director of Studies, Basic Education
  • Gunilla Häggström, Communications Officer
  • Holger Motzkau, 1st Research Engineer

Fysikum is headed by a prefect and governed by a departmental board called the Fysikum Board (FS). The Board has set up a number of committees in different areas. The committees prepare matters to be considered by the Board.

Faculty meeting

Budget Committee of Fysikum

Committee for Postgraduate Education

Committee for Undergraduate Education

Committee for Research Strategy

Committee for the Technical Division

Committee for the Working Environment

Computer Committee

Docent Committee

Equal Rights and Opportunities Committee

PR Committee


The Department of Physics PhD Council (in Swedish "Fysikums doktorandråd") is the assembly of all PhD students at the Department of Physics at Stockholm University. Its purpose is to represent the interests of the PhD students in the different committees, boards and councils within the department and the university. This page is mantained by the PhD Council representative.

The Department of Physics PhD Council webpage

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