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The department is located at Sveaplan, but will move to Albano in August 2021

As of August 2021 the department will be located at the newly built campus Albano, just south of the Frescati area.

Here you can find information on how to get to both Sveaplan and Albano.


Using public transport (SL):

Buses no 2 or 515 from subway station "Odenplan" to "Sveaplan".
For time tables see

Bus 50 from Frescati campus or subway station "Universitetet" to bus stop "Roslagstull", tehen approx. 10-15 min walk.

You can also walk (15 minutes) from subway stations "Odenplan" or "Rådmansgatan" to Sveavägen 160.

The commuter train ("Pendeltåg") also stops at Odenplan.

Walk towards the high building (Wennergren's center). To the right of Wennergren's center you see a square white building. That is the department.

By car:

Go to one of the big roundabouts "Roslagstull" or "Norrtull". Look for the high building "Wennergren Center". Follow the signs to "Wenngergren's center". Go right directly after you have turned off towards "Wennergren's center" tower. There you find the Department of Social Work in a white building.

There is parking outside the house. Staff and students get a discount on the parking fee. If you are a student, contact your student administrator for a permit. If you are a guest of the department, contact the caretaker.

On the map below the department is named ”Stockholms universitet Sveaplan”.
GPS: Sveavägen 160, Stockholm.

RT90: 6583280, 1627751
SWEREF99 TM: 6583101, 673462
WGS 84 (lat, lon): N 59° 21.054', E 18° 3.061'
WGS 84 decimal (lat, lon): 59.35090, 18.05102
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From August 2021, the institution will be located in building 2, floor 3, campus Albano.

The address is Albanovägen 13

Public transport

(For timetables and best travel, see

Walking distance from metro station Universitet.

Bus 50 from Odenplan to bus stop "Albano"
Bus 50 from Stora Lappkärrsberget / Universitetet T to bus stop "Albano"

Buses 639, 676, 680, 690, 691, 696, 670, 699 from Östra Station (metro station "Tekniska högskolan") to bus stop "Albano".

With bike

Approximately 2,000 bicycle parking spaces are planned, some of which will be located in a bicycle garage under House no. 1, that is not yet built.

With car

Search for “Albanovägen 13” on a digital map service, e.g. Google Maps. .

Campus Albano is located along “Roslagsvägen”, a bit south of the Frescati area.


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