Consent for managing personal data under the Data Protection Regulation, (EU 2016:679, GDPR), as well as the Act with supplementary regulations to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (SFS 2018:218), and other complementary national legislation.

From the form you filled out for the occasion when the photo(s) was taken, or the video, or sound recording was made

I give my consent to Stockholm University’s right to use my personal data below, from the occasion in question, in editorial as well as marketing contexts, in printed as well as in digital format. The handling of personal data will be performed according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, supplementary national legislation, and will be performed with your consent as legal basis for the handling.

  • My name,
  • My photo (picture where I am included),
  • Video (Moving picture where I am included),
  • Statements from me in interviews that I have approved, and
  • My contact information.

The consent is valid from the signing date and 3, 5 or 15 years forward. (should be marked with a ring around the right number on your consent form)

The University has no obligation to inform me when this participation or publication will happen. Though only until the number of years ringed in on the paper form at the latest.

At any time, you can recall your consent to the handling of personal data by contacting the department at Stockholm University you received the contact information for when you signed the consent form.