Heritage Studies

About the subject

Heritage studies is a broad field which gives knowledge of our common material and immaterial cultural heritage. Using critical theories and practical exercises, you get to study a changing and international field of cultural heritage through political, legal and social perspectives.

Heritage studies treats the notion of cultural heritage, together with its ideational emergence, organization, function and social role through a historical and contemporary perspective. Based on current international research and political and legal means of control, the development of the questions of cultural heritage is studied with a focus on Swedish conditions. Laws and enactments regulating the safety, protection and care for cultural heritage are treated, and the theoretical, historical and methodological discussion of current research on cultural heritage are paid attention to, together with the discussion of the fundamental and methodological problems concerning working with the documentation, interpretation, care and use of cultural heritage of different kinds.

The education is based upon the collaboration between the disciplines of archaeology, ethnology, history, art history, human geography and Nordic languages, together with practically active specialists. Through the study of the function and social role of the field of cultural heritage, together with the importance of states and regions with its commission to identify, protect and care for ancient monuments, landscapes, parks and settlements through international legislations, you will get insights in the possibilities that lies in the cultural heritage management concerning interpretation, preservation, caring and making available culturally valuable environments and landscapes. Other central themes are the function of cultural heritage in a global, national and local context, and its role in wars, catastrophes and conflicts, and at international trade with cultural artefacts.

Career opportunities

The education prepares you for working in public authorities and organizations concerning the field of cultural heritage. For instance museums, municipalities and consulting companies handling questions of cultural heritage.

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Heritage studies is an interdisciplinary and internationally growing field of research studying how the past is used, valued and institutionalized in the present. These questions have an obvious actuality and social relevance since the use of the past in terms of cultural heritage, consciously and unconsciously, motivates, legitimizes and makes comprehensible the identity formations on a local and national as well as an international level. An important theme in the research is how cultural heritage is forming a political, social, economic and cultural resource, both in a contemporary and historical perspective.