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Then a moment passed and all was changed

Then a moment passed and all was changed

Interdisciplinary event in the chapel of Resurrection. Welcome to an exhibition curated by Curating Art master student Lucie Gottlieb and displays works by Julia Adzuki & Patrick Dallard, Anthony Croizet and Joon-joung Yoo.

Viral Dramaturgies

New book by Dirk Gindt

Dirk Gindt, Associate Professor in Theatre Studies, has just published the volume "Viral Dramaturgies: HIV and AIDS in Performance in the Twenty-First Century" (Palgrave Macmillan 2018), co-edited with Alyson Campbell (University of Melbourne).

Nadine, exchange students

Meet our students

Are you interested in studying at our Department? Read the stories of some of our exchange students.

Curating art startsida puff
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