Student contact to the Department of Culture and Aesthetics.


Students Affairs Office

Students Affairs Office

Exchange Coordinator

Exchange Coordinator

Study Councellors

Our study counsellors will give you advice about our courses and can answer questions that you may have about your current or future studies, career and study related issues.

Stockholm University Study and career counselling

Study Councellor Art History
Study Councellor History of Ideas
Study Councellor Literature
Study Councellors Musicology
Study Councellor Theatre and Performance Studies

Directors of Studies

Director of Studies, Art History
Director of studies
Director of studies History of Ideas
Director of studies Literature
Director of Studies Musicology
Director of Studies Theatre and Performance Studies

Curating Programme Coordinator

Chair of Programme and Course leader
Programme Coordinator

Directors of Postgraduate studies

If you need more information about the postgraduate studies at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, please contact the director of postgraduate studies for the subject that you are interested in.

Director of postgraduate studies for Art History
Director of postgraduate studie for History of Ideas
Direcotr of postgraduate studies for Literature
Director of postgraduate studies for Musicology
Director of postgraduate studies for Theatre and Performance studies
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