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Computer places and printers

There are computer places for students in the Frescati library. There you will also find printers/copying machines that you can use.

There are no central computer rooms, but there are computers that you can use in the Frescati library. If you need to make copies, scan or print you can use the Printomat printers that are placed all over campus. There are printers in the former computer room Lantis and in the library for instance.  You will need a university card to use the printers and to make copies and scan. You will find a list of public printers at My printouts

Some departments have their own computer rooms and to access them you may need codes or other special access for which you should contact that department.


Printing, scanning and copying – Printomat

Printomat is the university-wide system for printing, copying and scanning. There are Printomat machines in the computer rooms and the libraries. You need a valid University card and account to use the system.

Printomat is a “follow me” system, meaning that you print to a queue and then pick up your document at any Printomat in the network. Use your University card to log in to a machine. You can also copy (color or b/w) and scan with the Printomat. The scanned file is sent to your email.

When you log in to “My Printouts” you can:

  • See your current printing account
  • See you print history and transactions
  • See the current price list
  • See where the public Printomats are 
  • Buy print credits (Visa or MasterCard)

Here is how you print with the Printomat
Here is how you copy with the Printomat

Terms and conditions for purchasing print credits



For IT support go to for 24/7 answers to common questions and forms to report problems or get help with more complicated issues.

For urgent issues, contact Helpdesk.

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