The Department of Culture and Aesthetics has around 150 employees, who are researchers, teachers and technical and administrative staff.

The Department of Culture and Aesthetics is led by a Head of department. The management also consits of a Deputy head of department, an Assistant head of department and a Head of administration.

Head of department
Boel Hackman
Associate professor in literature

Deputy head of department
Magnus Nermo
Professor in sociology

Assistant head of department
Catharina Nolin
Professor in art history

Head of administration
Maria Gärdelöv


The department board

The Department Board is the highest decision-making body at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics. The Board is chaired by the Head of Department and includes elected representatives. The Board meets 3-4 times per semester. The minutes are posted on our Swedish webpage.

Minutes and board meetings

Department Board composition 2021-2023

  • Boel Hackman (head, head of department) 
  • Magnus Nermo (deputy head)
  • Frida Beckman, literature
  • Annika Berg, history of ideas
  • Anna Bortolozzi, art history
  • Anna Albrektson, literature
  • Ingemar Haag, literature
  • Catharina Nolin, art history
  • Joakim Tillman, muscicology
  • Meike Wagner, theatre
  • Jenny Dahlstedt, technical and administrative staff
  • Frida Jansson, technical and administrative staff
  • Nicole Vickers, doctoral student representative
  • Karolina Laszczukowska, student representative
  • Julia Stina Skoglund, student representative

Alternate members for teachers/researchers
(In the following order)

  • Staffan Bergwik, history of ideas
  • Cécile Bardoux Lovén, muscicology
  • Andrea Kollnitz, art history

Alternate member for technical and administrative staff

  • Emma Lennström

Alternate member for doctoral students and students

  • Sofia Iaffa Nylén, doctoral students

The Department of Culture and Aestethics has a head of research and a research secretary for the collected research subjects at the department.

Head of Research
Staffan Bergwik
Professor in history of ideas

Research secretary
Sonya Petersson
PhD in art history

Every main research area at the department also has a research manager, a research group and a research seminar series. 

There is an interdisciplinary research environment at the Department of Culture and Aesthitics, with "Tvärseminariet" - the interdisciplinary seminar, and interdisciplinary research groups.

About our research


Education at bachelor's and master's level

The administrative director of studies for the whole department is Nina Engholm.

There are five directors of studies for the subjects at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics:

  • Art History and Cultural Heritage
  • History of Ideas
  • Literature and the courses and programmes in Education
  • Muscicology
  • Theatre

Contact the Directors of Studies

PhD studies

The Department of Culture and Aestethics has a managing director of PhD studies, Victoria Fareld, and a director of PhD studies for each main research area at the department:

  • History of Ideas
  • Art History
  • Literature
  • Musciology
  • Theatre
  • Art History
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Curating
  • History of Ideas
  • Literature
  • Muscicology
  • Theatre

Every main area has a manager, who sits in the extended ledningsgruppen at the department.



The administration at the Department of Culture and Aestethics consits of 25 employees with the following functions:


Representative for all PhD students studying at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics



The Student council of the Department of Culture and Aestethics is called SIKE. We are here to help you voice your opinions and effect change at the department. The student council appoints student representatives to the department board, functions as a link between the student body and the department.

Visit the student council’s Athena-page for more information.


Our study counsellors will give you advice about our courses and can answer questions that you may have about your current or future studies, career and study related issues. There are five study- and career counsellors at the Department of Culture and Aesthethics, one for each subject:

  • Art History and Cultural Heritage
  • History of Ideas
  • Literature and the courses and programmes in Education
  • Muscicology
  • Theatre

Contact information


Policy documents

Policy documents for the Department of Culture and Aestethics. If the policy document does not apply to the current year, or is not yet published on the website the English version of it is under revision.

All employees and students shall be treated equally and with respect, irrespective of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.

If you feel that you have been discriminated or harassed in any way during your stay at our department, please contact our head of department, the department's council for equal treatment, or the University's coordinator for equal treatment.

Information and contacts about work environment, health and equal treatment

The purpose of a crisis plan is to prepare cohesive, clear crisis management and to define routines for a response to serious incidents, from a personal level to the entire department.

Krisplan för Institutionen för kultur och estetik (179 Kb)

Support in case of emergencies or crisis, contacts and checklists

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