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Facts in numbers

Stockholm University has 29,300 students (full-time equivalents), 1,400 doctoral students, and 5,700 members of staff.



Revenues for first- and second cycle education: 2.2 billion SEK

Total number of registered students*: 39,154 (63% women)
Total number of full-time equivalent students**: 29,351 (64% women)
Annual performance equivalent SU: 22,684

*Students with a first or continued registration for a course that Stockholm University offered Spring semester 2020. Source: Swedish Higher Education Authority.

**does not include contracted courses, contract education or education that complements completed foreign education

Full-time students

Human Science: 23,863
Faculty of Humanities: 7,744
Faculty of Law: 2,536
Faculty of Social Sciences: 13,583

Science: 3,193

Study programmes with the largest number of first choice applicants per applicant

  • Bachelor’s programme in Criminology
  • Master's programme in Psychology
  • Study programme in Law
  • Bachelor's programme in Primary Education – Extended School, with a specialisation in sports and health

Degrees awarded

Degrees awarded at the Bachelor's and Master's levels: 6,661

  • General qualifications at the Bachelor's level: 2,999
  • General qualification at the Master's level: 1,165
  • Professional qualifications: 2,497

International student exchange

Incoming students: 1,088
Outgoing students: 404
Number of active exchange agreements: just over 1000 across 50 countries

Active doctoral students

Revenues third cycle education: 3.25 billion SEK

Active doctoral students: 1,409 (51% women)

Degrees awarded

Doctoral degrees: 202
Licentiate degrees: 29



Total number of employees: 5,716
Full-time employees: 4,929
Professors: 506 (34 % women)



Total revenue: SEK 5.5 billion
Government funding: 65%
Grants (external funding): 28%
Fees and other contributions: 7%

Distribution of revenue by area of operation:
Revenues for first- and second-cycle education: 41%
Revenues for research and third-cycle education: 59%



Costs: SEK 778 million
Area: just under 300,000 sq. m.

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