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Finding your way on Stockholm University campus

Stockholm University has a number of different campuses and this is a guide to the areas. Here you will find descriptions of what’s located in the different areas, lunch places, and how to navigate your way there.

Here you will find descriptions of what’s located in the different areas, lunch places, and how to navigate your way there.

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Albano and AlbaNova campus

Construction at the Albano campus continues apace. It is slated to become an attractive education and research environment that will connect Stockholm University and KTH to each other and to the city. The first departments started moving in fall 2020.

Read more about Albano – a unique environment for education and research

At the AlbaNova campus, both Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) conduct research and education in physics, astronomy and biotechnology. One of the primary reasons for sharing facilities is that the universities would be able to learn from each other and work collaboratively. Even Karolinska Institute is involved in the collaborations here. AlbaNova campus sits atop Albano Hill, close to the main Frescati campus.

Directions to Albano and AlbaNova (google maps)

  • Department of Astronomy
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Public Health Sciences
  • Department of Social Work
  • Department of Solar Physics
  • Department of Special Education
  • Department of Statistics
  • Nordita (Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics)
  • Oskar Klein Centre (OKC)
  • Stockholm Business School
  • Stockholm Resilience Centre
  • Vetenskapens Hus (House of Science)

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Following places is available in Albano:



Frescati campus

The main campus of Stockholm University is Frescati, characterised by beautiful nature, unique architecture and modern art. The area stretches from Frescativägen 54 in the north to Södra huset in the south, and from west to east between the “Universitetet” subway station to Frescatibackehusen.

From Stockholm city centre, walking to Frescati takes about 20 minutes. You can also take the tunnelbana (subway) red line to the Universitetet station, the Roslagsbanan commuter train, and a number of buses.

Directions to Frescati (google maps)

Contact information - departments and centres

  • Accelerator exhibition space
  • Astrobiology Centre
  • Baltic Sea Centre
  • Bolin Centre for Climate Research
  • Centre for Medieval Studies
  • Centre for Radiation Protection Research (CRPR)
  • Centre for Research on Bilingualism
  • Chemistry Section
  • CLLAM – Centre for Logic, Language, and Mind
  • Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics (DBB)
  • Department of Biology Education (BIG)
  • Department of Child and Youth Studies
  • Department of Criminology
  • Department of Culture and Aesthetics
  • Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences (DEEP)
  • Department of Economic History and International Relations
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Education
  • Department of English
  • Department of Environmental Science
  • Department of Ethnology, History of Religions and Gender Studies
  • Department of Geological Sciences
  • Department of History
  • Department of Human Geography
  • Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Education (HSD)
  • Department of Language Education 
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Linguistics
  • Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (MMK)
  • Department of Mathematics and Science Education (MND)
  • Department of Meteorology (MISU)
  • Department of Organic Chemistry
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Physical Geography
  • Department of Political Science
  • Department of Romance Studies and Classics (Romklass)
  • Department of Slavic and Baltic Studies, Finnish, Dutch and German
  • Department of Social Anthropology
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism
  • Department of Zoology
  • Electron microscopy centre (EMC)
  • Hans Blix centrum för de internationella relationernas historia (IRH)
  • Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies (TÖl)
  • Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS)
  • Institute of European Law
  • Institutet för immaterialrätt och marknadsrätt (IFIM)
  • Kemilärarnas resurscentrum (KRC)
  • National Centre for Swedish as a Second Language
  •  Nordic Institute of Latin American Studies
  • Språkstudion
  • Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law – SCCL
  • Stockholm Centre for International Law and Justice (SCILJ)
  • Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research (SCORE)
  • Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace
  • Stockholm Centre for the Rights of the Child
  • Stockholm Environmental Law and Policy Centre
  • Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre (SUBIC)
  • Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI)
  • The Centre for Maritime Studies (CEMAS)
  • The Centre for Palaeogenetics (CPG)
  • The Centre for the Studies of Children's Culture
  • The Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES)
  • The Institute for Social Private Law
  • The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute (IRI) 

•    Faculty Club, Manne Siegbahn (restaurant for staff, members) (closed, planned opening 4 October)
•    Matbutiken – take away, plant-based food. Södra huset C4 (closed)
•    Matlådan – take away, Södra huset F5 (closed)
•    Prego Arrhenius – cafe, take away, Arrheniusloboratorierna C5 (closed)
•    Prego SU – café, take away, Södra huset D4 – Opening hours 08:00–16:00

For most recent update on opening hours regarding the above mentionen lunch places/venues please visit: - Note! website in swedish

•    Accelerator Café – cafe, take away, Frescativägen 26A
•    Café Bojan – Thai food (house on the hill by the subway entrance)
•    Frescati Stories – fast casual restaurant, café, Södra huset A4.
•    Fazer Food & Co Lantis – restaurant, Allhuset, Universitetsvägen 7
•    Kafé Kåriander – fast casual restaurant, café, Studenthuset
•    Restaurant PicNic – fast food, on the right-hand path from the subway station



The Unit for Journalism, Media and Communication Studies (JMK) is located in the Garnisonen neighbourhood at Karlavägen 105. It houses facilitates for teaching, editing, computing, and making radio and TV along with the JMK library. JMK is part of the Department of Media Studies.

Directions to Garisonen (google maps)

  • Journalism, Media and Communication Studies – JMK/Department of Media Studies
  • JMK Library

Contact information - departments and centres

There is a large selection of lunch places around Karlavägen.


Kista campus

The Kista campus lies in the heart of a world-leading IT cluster. As the name suggests, this campus is in Kista, several kilometres north of central Stockholm. Its home to the largest department at Stockholm University: Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV).

Directions to Kista campus (google maps)


  • Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV)
  • Spider Centre

Contact information - departments and centres

The campus is a short walk from Kista Galleria which hosts a large selection of restaurants and cafes.


Lilla Frescati

The area directly west from the Universitetet station on the other side of Roslagsbana is Lilla Frescati. Here you will find the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, the Centre for Cultural Evolution, and the Osteological Unit.

Directions to Lilla Frescati (google maps)

  • Department of Botany building
  • Centre for Cultural Evolution (CEK)
  • Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies
  • Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA)
  • Osteological Unit
  • Wallenberg Laboratory

Contact information - departments and centres

Lilla Frescati is only a short walk to the main Frescati campus and its restaurant offerings


Other areas

Available research infrastructure resources at Stockholm University

Bergius Botanical Garden lies between Roslagsbanan highway and Brunsviken bay, on the Northern end of Frescati and the National Park.

Directions to Bergius Botanic Garden (google maps)

Bergius Botanic Garden is a museum for living plants with the objective of spreading knowledge and information about biological diversity, botany and horticulture as well as managing material for research and education. The garden serves national and international researchers, students, school children and the general public. The garden is owned and managed by Stockholm University and the Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Stockholm University’s collection includes most of the living plants, around 5,500 species, which are cultivated systematically or in plant-geographical order, outdoors, in greenhouses, and in seed storage. A part of the living collection belongs to the Bergianska board at the Swedish Academy of Sciences. Other collections include objects, portraits of botanists, a library and herbaria. These belong to the Bergianska board at the Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Bergius Botanic Garden website

Scheffler Palace, more commonly known as the “Spökslottet” (Ghost Castle), was built around 1700 and sits on Drottninggatan, just before Observatory Hill. Official receptions are hosted at Spökslottet, which also has a distinguished art collection (1300s-1800s) and a remarkable collection of Swedish art glass. Much of the older art collection was donated in 1884 and belongs to the Adolf Berg collection, for which Stockholm University is a ward.

Directions to Spökslottet (google maps)

Collections and art at Stockholm University

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