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Conferment of master's degrees

The Conferment of Master's Degrees is a graduation ceremony to celebrate newly graduated masters at Stockholm University.

Watch the films from the ceremonies on 6 and 20 November on


Ceremonies 2021

  • Friday 4 June - The Conferment of Master's Degrees will be held online due to current restrictions.
  • Friday 26 November - The Conferment of Master's Degrees will be held on site in Aula Magna if the conditions allow this. If this is not possible the ceremony will be held online.

The ceremony, or more correctly, the two ceremonies, will be broadcast live from Aula Magna's magnificent auditorium and feature speeches by representatives of the University Management and the Faculties, as well as entertainment. All participants will be presented with a photo displayed on the screen and a diploma will be sent to all by mail afterwards.

15:00 - The Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Humanities

Masters of Arts, Education and Laws

17:00 - The Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Science

Masters of Education, Science, Medical Science and Political Science

Live broadcast from 14.45

We look forward to all participants wanting to celebrate with loved ones in a safe way at any location! The ceremony is open for anyone to watch. A link to the live broadcast will be published here and from the STARTpage of


To be invited to the Master's Conferment, you need to have completed your studies and received your formal degree certificate.

An invitation to the conferment ceremony is sent to those with a Master's degree (or equivalent on a Master's level). You need to actively apply for your degree certificate by a certain date in order for your application to be processed and your degree to be issued on time.

  • For the ceremony 4 June 2021 the deadline is 28 February 2021
  • For the ceremony 26 November 2021 the deadline is 15 July 2021

Applications are made at the Degree Office.

Invitation by email

The invitation will be sent by email about one month before the ceremony to the address registered at Stockholm University. Please keep your email address updated.

Registration through link in invitation

You must sign up online through a link in your invitation email. 

Sometimes invitations end up in the spam mailbox, so please check this if you have not received an invitation. Please note also that the invitation is personal so you cannot use somebody else's registration link.

The diploma afterwards

A diploma will be sent by mail within two weeks afterwards to graduating masters' students who have signed up to participate in the ceremony. Please note that the diploma is NOT legal proof of your degree (not to be confused with the degree certificate, sent earlier by mail) but a memento of the conferment ceremony and the time at Stockholm University.


Conferment traditions go all the way back to medieval European universities. The word promotion (in the Swedish word Magisterpromotion) comes from the latin word promovere, which translates to advance or move forward,  but here in a figurative sense to promote. The Conferment of Master’s Degrees is an old academic tradition but a fairly new ceremony at Stockholm University. The first was held in 1997 and is normally held twice a year in Aula Magna, Frescati. The ceremonies 2020 were held digitally.

Conferment ceremony in Aula Magna. Photo Ingmarie Andersson
Photo: Ingmarie Andersson

Normally, when the ceremony is held for all in Aula Magna, the ceremony begins with massed standards consisting of student representatives from the University's student unions and faculty associations. The President gives a welcome speech, after which the ceremony continues with varied entertainment and speeches to the new graduates. The graduates (promovendi) step up onto Aula Magna’s stage, facultywise, to receive a diploma by the conferrer, appointed by each faculty. 

The act of ascending on one side of the stage and, after receiving the diploma as a sign of the new dignity, going down again on the other side, used to symbolize that one could now move on in life, with one's own right to teach. Today it is not a formal ceremony, as the formal degree certificate has been sent to the graduates earlier, but instead it is a memorable occasion to celebrate your Master's degree at Stockholm University.

During an online ceremony the graduates are presented with their name and photo at the live broadcast. The diploma is sent to them by mail afterwards.



Anne Heikkinen Sandberg, Master of Ceremonies
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Ingrid Harris, Event Coordinator
Phone: +46-8-164908

Visiting Address:
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