Important points to remember before applying:

  • Course modules or units of an incomplete course cannot be included in the degree.
  • Check that all the results have been registered in Ladok and that the courses have been given a final grade. If anything is missing, contact your department.
  • Please check the transcript of records for misspellings of your name. If that is the case you need to enclose a certified copy of your passport or an extract from the population register (for extract from the population register please see If you have changed names or have a new civic registration number you also need to enclose an extract from the population register.


  • If you have a university account, please send in an online application
  • Otherwise you can use the application form below. You need to attach a transcript of records from Ladok where the courses that are to be included in the certificate are clearly indicated.

General information

Your certificate will be in both Swedish and English. From 1 January 2017 the award date on the certificate is the same date as the degree is issued.

Degree certificates which are issued in the new Ladok system will have a somewhat different layout than previous certificates.