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Living costs

Like everywhere else, the cost of living in Stockholm will highly depend on your individual life style and habits. Here you can find more information about an average student budget and the minimum living expense requirement for a residence permit for studies. 

Living costs in Sweden

Students in Sweden should budget for at least 8,514 SEK per month to cover all of their living costs. Below you can find a breakdown by Study in Sweden of how a monthly budget may look.

Food: SEK 2,000
Accommodation: SEK 4,170
Local travel: SEK 550
Phone/internet: SEK 300
Miscellaneous: SEK 1,494
Total: SEK 8,514

Living costs on Study in Sweden

Two girls talking by the water in central Stockholm. Photo: Niklas Björling
Photo: Niklas Björling

Residence permit requirement

For students who need to apply for a residence permit for studies at the Swedish Migration Agency, the living expense requirement is at least SEK 8,514 per month.

Read more about the residence permit requirements

Discounts for students

As a member of the Stockholm University Student Union, you can get a discounts on public transportation, coffee or tea at restaurants on campus, as well as discounts in hundreds of stores and the like around the country.

Benefits for Student Union members

Student discount on commuter traffic

Working during studies

Students from EU/EEA countries and students from other countries who hold a valid residence permit for studies are allowed to work alongside their studies. Note, however, that it may be difficult to find a part time job in Sweden if you do not speak Swedish.

Fees and scholarships

You can find more information about fees and scholarships on the following page:Fees and scholarships


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