All courses and programmes are divided into three cycles

There are three categories of qualifications: general degrees,  degrees in fine, applied and performing arts and professional degrees. Each degree is placed within one of the three cycles.

General degrees

First cycle
Higher Education Diploma    120 credits
Bachelor's Degree                     180 credits
Second cycle
Master's Degree (1 year)          60 credits
Master's Degree (2 years)        120 credits
Third cycle
Licentiate Degree                    120 credits
Doctoral/PhD Degree             240 credits

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Qualifications and degrees

Credit system

A full-time workload is 30 credits per semester and 60 credits per a normal 40-week academic year. The system is compatible with ECTS credits.

Grading system

Stockholm University uses a seven-point grading scale related to the learning objects of the course, unless otherwise prescribed in the course syllabus.
The following grading scale is used:
Fail (F, FX), Sufficient (E), Satisfactory (D), Good (C), Very Good (B), Excellent (A).

ECTS Grading Table (EGT)

The ECTS Grading Table was introduced in the ECTS Users’ Guide in 2009 as a replacement for the previous ECTS grading scales. It allows universities to ensure fair transfer and recognition of grades of mobile students.
The higher-education institutions are continuing to give grades in accordance with their local grading scale(s) but are complementing the Transcript of Records / Diploma Supplement with tables of the distribution of grades per passing grade step. At a later stage this table may be compared with the grade distribution in corresponding courses at another higher-education institution.
The EGT of a specific course is normally only included in the transcript of records
if grades from the course are available for a period of at least two academic years.
At Stockholm University all students who ask for international grades should be offered a transcript of records including the EGT.

No average grade

No overall grade is given for a degree and students are not ranked.